Hello to all the Dunmoore faithful,

Welcome to 2021 and hopefully another season here at Dunmoore!

This has been a very challenging time in so many ways – mentally and emotionally. So many have struggled through this time and many of you have been unable to get out and enjoy the fresh air and play the sport you love.  Dunmoore is a family oriented club and we welcome you to be a part of the pleasure and enjoyment that we get from being together on court, and just at the club.

At this time, we have not opened our registration yet as we are unsure about the possible restrictions that will be imposed by the city for the upcoming season. With last year's sign up was offered as a 2 for 1 season, we are working through the logistics on our website to ensure we accommodate those who registered last year and are subsequently registered for 2021, from those who will need to sign-up anew. This is expected to be organized by early April and we may also have some guidelines from the city for the upcoming club events available by that time.

Please keep checking in for updates on this site as we will share as much information as possible, as soon as we know.

Be well, be safe and keep healthy,

Craig Rowsell