Intercounty Tennis Association – Human Rights Tribunal – Player Survey

Hello Dunmoore Members, the OTA has asked the clubs to send around the survey below and request your feedback by July 18th. You can do this online directly to the OTA.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Dunmoore Executive


Dear Tennis Member,

Please find below a link to a survey that was designed to collect data on how many women and men wish to play in the Intercounty Mixed League, one of four leagues run by the Intercounty Tennis Association (ICTA).
Please send the link to all your club members, post it on your club homepage, under the heading 'Intercounty Tennis Association - Human Rights Tribunal - Player Survey,' and ask club members to complete the survey by Tuesday, July 18th.

The survey is in response to an application made in early 2016 to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) for review of the ICTA Mixed League fixture format. Four applicants to the HRTO argued that fielding twice as many men as women appeared to them to be discriminatory and that their experience was that women were being turned away from playing. The ICTA argued that many clubs complained that it was difficult to find even 4 women per team per match night to play. This player survey is an attempt to gather some hard data for the HRTO on who wants to play in the league.

The survey also asks about desired playing formats, and other questions which will assist the ICTA generally and will assist the ICTA and Applicants to the HRTO in resolving their dispute.

Please note that the survey is for all club members and not just the ones already playing in ICTA leagues. For the best results, the survey must be widely distributed. People completing the survey can enter to win Rogers tickets.

Please complete the survey by July 18th.  The link to the July 2017 Tennis Player Survey is:

Thank you for your assistance.


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