COVID-19 Update from our President – 5/16/2020

Hello Dunmoore Faithful,

I do truly hope that during this very challenging time you have all remained safe and healthy. I hope your families have had time to bond (possibly too much) and they have also remained safe and well.

I do know all of you have been very patient and awaiting the opening of our club. Although the Province of Ontario has allowed the courts to open, there are many new guidelines we will need to follow.  Those guidelines have not been released at this time. We are absolutely closer to opening but at this time the courts are still NOT allowed to be accessed for any purpose. We will be preparing the club as soon as we get those guidelines and will reassess our club events and leagues with the Executive Committee to maximize the events.

The Executive will be discussing the modification of the membership fees for this season once we know the opening date of the club.  For those who have paid and are no longer interested remaining a member this season, a refund is always available to you before the club opens.  Please contact our membership director, Christina, at

Your patience is appreciated and I do hope we will be able to see each other very soon.

Below is the notice received from the City of Pickering today, May 15. I will keep everyone updated as soon as I have more information.

Please note that your safety is our top priority at Dunmoore and when we do gain permission, we will contact all members to ensure our ability to run all programs.

Thank you for your patience and please be safe and well.

Craig Rowsell

City of Pickering Information:

As part of the Province of Ontario’s phased reopening strategy, tennis courts are permitted to open on May 19.  As such, staff will be working on a set of guidelines each association must abide by to open and operate.  We will work hard to get the tennis courts open as soon as possible, but until safeguards are in place, play may not commence without written approval from the City.  We are committed to have you out using the courts and enjoying your sport & the sunshine as soon as possible.  More details and updates will be provided.