President’s Message – 2020

To all Dunmoore members,

Welcome to a new decade and a new season of great tennis at our Dunmoore Tennis Club. Thank you for joining our club, I promise you will find everything you need to improve, maintain or just start your tennis career here at our club. We have programs to service all levels of tennis and do hope you will look for opportunities to involve yourself in as much as you can.

An update on our season and court resurfacing. After discussions with the city of Pickering, our court resurfacing will commence in the fall of this year. An exact date has not been set but a proposal of a major overhaul of the club and it's surrounding area has been approved by the executives and now waiting on city council approval. They have approved our proposed extension on the east end of the courts to include a sitting area to watch tennis and host club events. We are very excited about the new plans for the park and will hope for completion before the 2021 season. I would like to Thank all the executive members for their input on a great plan and a well executed proposal to the city – this extension will allow for great socializing and interaction.

At the end of last season, a beautiful new bench was placed between our bleachers facing the courts. One of Dunmoore’s longest members Brian Zabizewski – a member for 44 years - passed away in late January. The bench was placed there by the family to commemorate his active involvement in tennis but also with the Dunmoore Tennis Club. The placard reads “Take every opportunity to succeed and Play Tennis”. A mantra that will be kept at Dunmoore for years to come. Thank you Zabizewski family.

As in years past, we have competitive A, B and C teams. All these teams play throughout the Durham region against other clubs and have had great success over the last few seasons. Our A team is lead by Richard Lepka, Our two B teams are run by Chris Lalonde and Dave Ramsay, and our C team is run by Ken Warren. Tryout date is April 5th, please contact Chris Lalonde (Vice President 2) from our executive membership list if you have an interest.

Our club competitive and house leagues teams are a terrific way to involve yourself and get to know club members.

Our Tuesday night competitive league has been very successful and is a terrific opportunity to play different players and form a great bond - Lyle Lamkie will be organizing this league again.  Lyle implemented a ladder system that allowed for a consistent level of play and some great matches. Please visit our smash page to get more info.

Let me take a moment to Thank Theresa Bell who ran our Thursday night beginner/intermediate tennis night. Theresa had constantly worked to bring new players to the club and always made an incredible effort to make Thursday a great night to play tennis. Due to work related travel, Theresa has stepped down this season but on behalf of all who have begun and continue to play tennis at Dunmoore due to her amazing energy and leadership, we say Thank You! We are looking for another member who may be interested  in leading this night . Please email Craig - .

Please join our Facebook page and Instagram to keep up to date with all Dunmoore upcoming events.

I hope your tennis season is enjoyable, your friendship built here incredible, and you have a “Smashing” good time this season!

See you on court!

Craig Rowsell